Our Mission

The Scottish Cultural Outreach Foundation (formally Highland Echoes)  is a non-profit charity dedicated to preserving Scottish heritage and culture through performing arts and various educational programs. Committed to educating the younger population, we provide programs needed to explore and discover the fascinating and beautiful components that make up Scottish culture. 

The youth is our future...

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Our Vision

The Scottish Cultural Outreach Foundation is a North Carolina-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization whose twofold vision is that (1) all children have the opportunity to engage in learning about Scotland's heritage and migration impact through quality educational and cultural programing, and (2) that the arts community has the opportunity to recognize and engage in the traditional Scottish cultural arts.


Charity For Education

We work directly with educational institutions and state curriculum requirements to include Scottish heritage as a part of student content.

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Support for Clans

We provide support for Clans who want to nurture the Scottish heritage and family connection with their children and grandchildren. 

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Performing Arts

We support performing arts programs that inspire the youth to get involved in the Scottish cultural arts. 

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Highland Echoes Together

You Can Be A Part Of Our Work

We are committed to providing quality and inspirational Scottish cultural programming to educate and engage children and families.

Are you interested in helping out? We invite you to join our team to help at our events or on our behind-the-scenes committees. 

Our Projects

Most of our projects focus on involvement with the youth. However many of our workshops and performances are for all ages. We encourage everyone regardless of their heritage to enjoy the traditions and history of Scotland. 


Scottish Cultural Arts Workshops


Coming Soon: Highland Games for Kids

Our Partners

Because Of Our Partners We Are Providing More Scottish Heritage Outreach To More People

Jennifer Licko

Jennifer Licko

Founding Director of the Scottish Cultural Outreach Foundation has a lifetime of experience as a Highland Dancer, Scots Gaelic Singer, and teacher. Her passion for the Scottish cultural arts and education drives her to serve as the president of The Scottish Cultural Outreach Foundation, a board member of Clan Guthrie, the events committee for the Saint Andrew's Society of Sao Paulo, and the producer of the Highland Echoes show and the Website developer for many Highland Games, including Grandfather Mt. Highland Games.