The Scottish Cultural Outreach Foundation

Transform Your Reach and Connect with the Next Generation of Scottish Culture Enthusiasts.

Does This Sound Familiar?

"Our events and programs are struggling to attract the attendance and participation they once did."

"We need more opportunities to connect with families and educators who are interested in Scottish heritage."

"How can we make our Scottish organization more visible and relevant in today's fast-paced world?"

"Despite our social media efforts, we're not reaching enough people who care about Scottish culture."

"We're passionate about preserving Scottish culture, but we need new and creative ways to engage the public."

"We have fantastic Scottish products and services, but limited resources to showcase them at Highland Games."

"Our community feels overlooked—we need to expand our reach and connect with more people."

"How can we ignite a passion for Scottish heritage in today's youth?"

"Our membership is aging, and we're struggling to attract new, younger members."

If you can relate, you’re not alone.

This is what so many of you have been reporting about your business or organization.


One Extraordinary Opportunity to Transform Your Organization's Future

What if you could dramatically expand your outreach, captivate a younger audience, and achieve the sustainability your organization or business craves?

By joining our community, you're not just enhancing your reach; you're becoming part of a transformative journey to elevate and celebrate Scottish heritage on an unprecedented scale. You'll meet like-minded organizations and individuals who share your passion and vision, growing stronger together.

I'm Jennifer Licko, founder of The Scottish Cultural Outreach Foundation, Highland Echoes, and Scotland in the Class.

I’ve dedicated my life to inspiring countless people to embrace and share the vibrant culture of Scotland. Now, we're ready to take this mission to the next level—and we want you to join us.

Let’s make a powerful impact together.

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What You Get As a Member

Promotion and Visibility, Access to Resources, Community Engagement and Special Recognition.

Feature in Teacher Programs

Scotland In The Class Teacher, Home School Parent and Student Portal) 

  • Your organization will be featured and linked in our educational program, connecting you with over 2,000 schools and more than one million students worldwide.

Website Listings and Advertisements

  • Logo and Link on our websites:

Special Recognition

Recognition in Annual Reports and Major Events

  • Receive special thanks and recognition in our annual report.
  • Be acknowledged at our major events, reinforcing your support and involvement.

Logo and Website listing in printed materials

  • The Highland Echoes Show Program
  • Quarterly Kids Corner Newsletter

Visibility at VIP Events

  • Display your logo at our special VIP events, gaining premium exposure among our distinguished guests and supporters.
  • Opportunities to include samples or information brochures in guest gift bags. (You must provide the brochures, inserts or samples)

Access to Resources

Events for Kids Program

  • Free access to our comprehensive Events for Kids program.
  • Includes step-by-step event planning guides, templates, and collaboration opportunities.
  • Enhance your events with ready-to-use materials and expert tips.

Community Engagement

Participation in Webinars and Workshops

  • Opportunities to co-host and participate in webinars and workshops.
  • Share your expertise and connect with our extensive network.
  • Engage with educators, cultural leaders, and enthusiasts.

 Involvement in Concerts and Virtual Events

  • Feature in our concerts and virtual events.
  • Collaborate on event planning and execution.
  • Reach wider audiences and showcase your cultural contributions.

Social Media Shoutouts and Promotions

  • Regular shoutouts and promotions on our social media platforms:
    • Instagram & Facebook: @Highland EchoesTheShow
    • Instagram & Facebook: @ScotlandInTheClass
    • Facebook: Scottish Cultural Outreach Foundation
  • Engage with our followers through scheduled posts and collaborative campaigns.

Additional Benefits

Discounts on Print Advertisements

  • Enjoy discounted rates for print advertisements in our Highland Echoes Performance programs.
  • Reach dedicated audiences with your promotions.

Priority Booking and Special Rates

  • Get priority booking and special rates for group visits or performances by Highland Echoes.
  • Offer your members and guests unique cultural experiences.

Promotion & Community With The Scottish Cultural Outreach Foundation

Discover the Power of Connection and Cultural Impact!

Imagine promoting your Scottish heritage and lifestyle to a community that truly resonates with your mission—meeting them exactly where they are. That’s what our membership with The Scottish Cultural Outreach Foundation is all about.

We bring Scottish culture into the daily lives of students, parents, theatre lovers, and local communities through our immersive educational programs and unique experiences.

Ready to make a real difference?

If you’re passionate about reaching and inspiring the next generation, this is where you belong.

Don't just dream about preserving Scottish heritage—take action by joining our mission! Your membership fuels programs that directly connect with youth, drawing them closer to your organizations and businesses.

Join us, and be the change you want to see.

Join the Movement. Reach the Youth. Share Your Heritage with the next Generation.

Become a member today and start making an impact.

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