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Your support is vital in ensuring the continuity and expansion of our programs. By contributing, you actively participate in the preservation and dissemination of our Scottish cultural heritage.

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Donate to the Highland Echoes Show for the 2024 East Coast Tour

Scottish cultural education

Sponsor a School Show, Children's theater performance, and workshop by donating to this fund that offers discounted and free programming to the youth.


Support for Scotland In The Class funds our attendance at teacher conferences nationwide to promote the free program to teachers. 

Clan & Society Partnerships

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Printed Program Inclusion

School Shows
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Educational Content

Your organization will be featured and linked inside of the Scotland In The Class educational material as resources for further involvement. 

Elevate your commitment to Scotland's heritage by becoming a yearly sponsor of the Scottish Cultural Outreach Foundation, specifically supporting impactful initiatives like 'Scotland In The Class' and 'Highland Echoes Performances.' As a valued sponsor, your clan or society will enjoy prominent visibility, ensuring your information is seen by teachers, parents, and engaged participants attending these programs. By financially supporting these endeavors, you not only aid in the preservation and awareness of Scotland's rich heritage but also raise the profile of your organization within a community passionate about celebrating and sustaining our shared cultural legacy.

Small & Non monetary Actions that help us

These small actions have the potential to significantly enhance our operational efficiency.

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