What we do

We Bring Scottish Culture to the Community.

Our work is meant to meet students and families where they are...at schools, libraries, community centers, theatres, and even in the home. 

Our Current Programs

Explore our programs below. Most of the programs will be linked to an external website with more detailed information about each program and how to get involved. If you would like to bring any of these programs to your community, please contact us at info@highlandechoes.com


Scottish Kids' Corner

Introducing Kids Corner - a quarterly newsletter bursting with stories, activities, and insights aimed at fostering a deep connection to Scottish heritage among young minds. Created with care, our newsletters are available free of charge to Scottish organizations seeking engaging content to captivate children and spark meaningful conversations with parents and grandparents about their shared heritage.


Scotland In The Class

Scotland In the Class offers a standards-based Cultural Celebration Unit designed for educators to enrich their classrooms with the culture of Scotland. Each unit, meticulously crafted by seasoned teachers attuned to educational requirements, features comprehensive lessons covering every subject and grade level. Best of all, this invaluable resource is freely accessible to educators and homeschooling parents, empowering them to ignite curiosity and deepen their understanding of Scotland's rich heritage.

Highland Echoes Scottish show

Highland Echoes

Step into the captivating world of Highland Echoes, where Scottish Highland Dancers and musicians converge from around the globe to transport audiences on a journey through Scotland's storied past. Through spellbinding theatrical performances, steeped in the traditions of Scottish music and dance, audiences are immersed in the legends and history that shaped Scotland and its diaspora communities worldwide. Highland Echoes offers versatile shows suitable for all ages, including a children's version, and customizable workshops tailored to meet the cultural arts needs of schools.

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Every $10 donation helps us strengthen the Scottish heritage connection in one more life

With all of our programs, we work with professionals who ensure we are reaching our audiences in the most efficient way possible. We work with teachers in schools, principals, executives, producers, entertainers, and parents as we prepare programs to enrich the Scottish culture in the lives of the youth. 

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