What We Do...

We Bring Scottish Culture to the Community

Our work is meant to meet students and families where they are...at schools, libraries, community centers, theatres, and even in the home. 

Our Current Programs

Explore our programs below. Most of the programs will be linked to an external website with more detailed information about each program and how to get involved. If you would like to bring any of these programs to your community, please contact us at info@highlandechoes.com

The Highland Echoes Show

This show brings together over 26 of the world's best Highland Dancers and musicians from all over the world inspiring audiences to get involved in their Scottish cultural community! 

Scotland In The Class

Standards based lesson plans about Scotland are available for free through our educational program, Scotland In The Class. 

Thousands of students are already benefiting from the lessons from Scotland In The Class. Please donate today to help support the expenses of keeping this educational resource thriving. 

Workshops & Programs

We bring Scottish cultural arts, legends, music and historical content to life through workshops and programs for all ages. 

Scottish Kids' Corner

Our quarterly Scottish Kid's Corner newsletter is available for anyone to download and share. We send it out via email to all registered Clans and Societies with permission to use it in their publications to encourage family conversations and activities about Scottish culture and heritage. 

Help us bring Scottish Culture to the Community

By making a tax-deductible donation to the Scottish Cultural Outreach Foundation 501(c)3


Every $10 donation helps us strengthen the Scottish heritage connection in one more life

With all of our programs, we work with professionals who ensure we are reaching our audiences in the most efficient way possible. We work with teachers in schools, principals, executives, producers, entertainers, and parents as we prepare programs to enrich the Scottish culture in the lives of the youth.